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a guy or girl who's afraid to do anything sexual or kinda shy around the opposite sex, but not a fag or a lesbo.
She won't kiss me cuz she's a prude.
by Dylan January 23, 2003
that thing...that i cna never find...
Lisa- C'mon get my g-spot!
Dylan-Where the fuck is it?!?!
by Dylan March 14, 2004
Australian slang for someone under the influence of chemical substances.
"look at Mitch he's off chops!"
by Dylan June 12, 2004
Bad company, rip off telephone network. Shitty internet.
"The most secure computers in the world are ones NOT connected to the internet. That is why I recommend Telstra BigPond ADSL."
by Dylan June 26, 2004
In the homosexual world, a person who no longer hides in the closet and chooses to express him or herself openly in their sexuality
Davis: Are you still a closet-queer?
Greg: Nope. I came out yesterday to my family.
by Dylan May 26, 2004
Arabic for "Peace be upon you"
So I hear you are leaving for a long journey...Asalaamu Aleikum
by Dylan January 07, 2005
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