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where weasels go when they hibernate
the weasels went to tyuiop!
by Dylan February 25, 2004
NC for short. Website run by Jay Resop which glorifies Nintendo characters other than Mario. Famous for it's witty "comix" which constantly make 80s-90s pop culture references.
Neglected Mario Characters is a very cool website.
by Dylan January 02, 2004
An abundant amount
There are sculdering amounts of mold in the allergy forecast today!
by Dylan February 28, 2011
A Women who has the ability to pull her vagina flaps down over her ankles
Huge big Flaps that scrape on the ground
by Dylan February 16, 2005
jewish beans
may i have some lentle with my yarmulke
by Dylan February 25, 2004
Slang for the Penis.
He pulled out his large purple headed turkey neck and she gasped in delight!
by Dylan January 10, 2005
Excellent; of high quality. Often used sarcastically. Originated in Lebanese/Australian culture.
"Tony Duncan's jokes are full mad!"

"Prince's music is full mad!"
by Dylan May 26, 2004

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