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4 definitions by Devi

A person that gets all the guys or chicks they want without even trying.
You're so gozza and you don't even know it.
by Devi October 15, 2003
a piece of fecal matter.
"you make buttbiscuits in yer pants! i smelled 'em in class!"
by devi December 18, 2002
Plays Anakin Skywalker in the starwars movies and the greatest thing to ever walk the earth and SOOO NOT GAY! Born from my home town, Vancouver.
Hayden Christersen is just too cute!
by Devi May 25, 2005
a slightly more civilized take on "fucked up shit."
i saw some poop't up squak in the dressing room of the transvestite clothing store!
by devi December 18, 2002