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A person that gets all the guys or chicks they want without even trying.
You're so gozza and you don't even know it.
by Devi October 15, 2003
i shit bass player who couldn't score in a brothel
son of a nose whistler therefore deemed to be a nose whistler
gozza shut up
nobody cares gozza
u suck wang gozza
stop nose whistling gozza
gozza couldn't score in a brothel
by sain June 09, 2004
The cool Bass player that gets all the chicks. They also have lots of musical credit.

Jazz Basist - particularly funk-orientated.

Originates from various surnames, all beginning in Gor. These names are then shortened and "cool-if-ied".
Look at Gozza's girlfried - she's the bomb!

Gozza went off in that last song - hes such a good Jazz player.

How cool is Gozza's bass! Him, his chick and his bass are so cool.
by alias June 08, 2004
A complete and total slightly effeminate dude.
man could you be any more gozza?!
by Phil V February 14, 2004
The 1337est, hottest guy in the universe.
Look at the Gozza over there. Isn't he 1337 and hot!
by gozza* August 09, 2003
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