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1. The first step to failure.
"You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is: Never try." - Homer Simpson
Having a desire--especially within the context of serving prison time.
"I ain't trying to do five years on this."
by Shane McMahon July 12, 2005
Trying is having the intention to fail. Negative thoughts on the mind is where "trying" comes into play. Trying should never be used while achieving a goal, or something you're really determined to get. Stay focused and be mindful, and you will never use that word.
Mike: I'm trying to lose some weight.
John: Never try. Set your mind to it, and become determined, and you will lose your weight with a good mindset.
by AlexGrizz May 29, 2011
The food samples given out at the grocery store.
Tuesday is tryings day at the supermarket.
by PeaTram June 19, 2016
trying is something should never be done under any circumstance...for example this site has to many ppl trying...2 see someone that tried look up civic?
hey...look at me im looking ehhhhh
by jeff April 11, 2005
A mix between the act of talking and crying
Tanya: *in shrill whiny voice* Vickkkyyyyyyyy
Vicky: Tanya I told you 5 times now, stop trying!
by Vicks m. m. December 13, 2005
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