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472 definitions by David

The room in your house where you sleep and keep your clothes. Bedrooms usually have a closet in them.
I need to go check my bedroom to make sure everything is still there.
by David March 06, 2004
102 43
Lucky bastard who not only gets to fuck Jessica Simpson whenever he wants to, but also has a lot of money.
He's such a Nick Lachey.
by David May 12, 2004
105 50
An italian gun company who are famous for making probably the best semi-automatic 9mm pistol ever, the 92FS.
I shot that cunt in the head with my beretta and painted the walls with his brains.
by David March 26, 2003
137 82
The .50 Action Express. A calibre of pistol ammunition first used by the Desert Eagle, which is manufactured by the gun company Magnum Research.
I blew that cunt away with my .50AE.
by David March 26, 2003
64 10
a massive orgy for jewish teenagers
David went to usy and h.u with two girls at the same time
by david November 28, 2004
378 325
What Dr.Evil calls goldmember when he asks if he can paint Austins fathers "Yoohoo" gold
Q:Hey,Dr.Evil,can I paint his Yoohoo gold?its kinda my thing
A:how bout no,ya crazy dutch bastard!
by david May 04, 2003
66 14
The proper term for ''fart''.
Go outside to pass gas.
by David March 08, 2004
72 22