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To check someone from behind while playing hockey, in hopes of paralyzing them.
"If you take the puck from me one more time, im gonna Jablonski you!!!"
by Offspring243 February 26, 2012
A person who can do anything and inspires people around the world. He rips the ice, the bender he is. His morality is strong and hes as dependable as a solid rock. A guy you can count on.
"Jablonski knows how to push through the god damn shit no one deserves."
by narishkamothertrucker January 05, 2012
A Jablonski can be a male or female, of any nationality and above the age of 10. A Jablonski is someone who fucks something up. They will make you do things twice, they are also the reason why we have so many fuck ups in the world in many different aspects of life. Jablonskieizm is a term for Great Feets in Jablonski behaviour. To spot a Jablonski in it's natural habitat you have to look. Everyone in life has experienced a Jablonski in one point in time. To deal with a Jablonski requires great patience and skill. Sometimes you have to become a Jablonski to deal with a Jablonski effectively. To de - Jablonski someone is to teach them a lesson so that they will learn not to do what they did again. I coined the observational term Jablonski and Jablonskieizm back in 1994 when i first experienced them in high school.
Smooth move Jablonski. You Fuckin' Jablosnki. Is your last name ongsty? No it's Jablonski. Jablonskiiiiiiii,
by Jabloney February 03, 2015
Huge ball of crusty jizz in your jizz bib.
"Man, when I rub my Jablonski, it's like Christmas!"
by ed hart April 26, 2006
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