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cynically said: the art to believe in utopias.
realistically said: following principles and dreams.
This guy changed his idealism for pragmatism when he came to power.
by An idealist January 19, 2008
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To believe that anything is possible. To be awakened to the pure & raw potential each moment has seeded. To water that seed. To believe in the Great mystery.
social connection
Open your eyes
recognize where choice
lies in your palms to create
with your mind
for a greater good
by Ms.Defy August 05, 2012
I know this cuz I had a research paper on Berkeley. Idealism is the idea that all matter is just representaions of our inner thought. Nothing really exista if we do not think it.
Because im not looking at the couch behind me, it does not exist. Boy, idealism is great!
by Chad Ruprecht March 14, 2005

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