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80122 is the address of Jesus' home in Comedy Central's South Park.
Jesus likes men.
by dani May 26, 2004
That noise in Law & Order.
*Jerry Orbach delivers witty line*
by Dani January 27, 2005
Concurrent Versions System -- used most widely in open-source programming.
A new CVS for OpenBSD was released just last night.
by dani December 06, 2004
n. the state of being so in "love" with a guy, that you don't care what he does. the state of being completely senseless about a guy.
girl 1: did you see girl 3 the other day? she's totally cockwhipped!
girl 2: i know, she doesn't give a damn how shitty he treats her.
by dani April 21, 2005
From the TV show "Joan of Arcadia". The term is used when a person's actions (however small) end up having a positive outcome. 'Good Ripples' are felt in just about every episode of the show as God asks Joan to do small or big tasks which sometimes seem to her to be pointless. Joan doesnt always see the positive effects of her actions, but that doesnt mean they arent significant.
The best use of 'good ripples' was in the "Joan of Arcadia" episode 'Jump' 112 -
JOAN: the ripples were good
HELEN: very good
by Dani October 23, 2005
A fan of the actor Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator, Walk the Line). The nickname was created by fans on the imdb chat boards.
GIRL: I am a joaquinian through and through!
PRONOUNCED: wah-keen-ian
by Dani February 09, 2006
something invented, made up, or fabricated; an invention; a fiction; something feigned or imagined
Social figments, feints, and formalism. --Mrs. Browning
It carried rather an appearance of figment and invention . . . than of truth and reality. --Woodward.
by Dani May 23, 2003

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