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The covert act of getting fellatio, while prairie dogging. The cock sucker never knows they are giving a blumpkin. Sometimes, the receiver may spray febreze on the prairie dog, to keep it's odor hidden.
stealth blumpkineer: Suck my dick you pseudo hippie bitch. Oh yeah.

fake hippie bitch: (garbled) I love your big, veiny, uncircumcised, French cock. It's better than pussy.

Prairie dog pops out and disappears.

fake hippie bitch: (garbled) Get ready as I deepthroat and rim job you, together.

Prairie dog pops out and gets licked! Sex act stops.

fake hippie bitch: How dare you stealth blumpkin me.

Woman whips out her NRA card and a Desert Eagle. Shoots guys balls off.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic May 31, 2011
noun, misnomer: A national family oriented celebration beginning on New Year's Eve (Last night of the old year.) and ending by 12:30 am New Year's Day (First morning of the new year.), in cities and towns across the US. Created by social conservatives as a drug free, alcohol free and sex free alternative to human pleasure.
normal person: Excuse me sir, can you assist me?

First Nighter: Certainly. What do you need?

normal person: I need five hits of ecstasy, two Asian hookers, and a bottle of Champagne.

First Nighter: This is a family event. Check your liberal coat at the door.

normal person: I apologize for interrupting your NAMBLA rally. My bad.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 22, 2010
1. A water filled hole left over from surface mining, ranging in size from a large puddle, to the size of a lake. Used as illegal swimming holes, and to dump stolen cars into. 2. Any hole, dry or water filled, leftover from surface mining.

Derived from stripping pit and swimming hole.
1. Kids in the Anthracite Coal Region always swim, in the stripping holes west of the Poconos.

2. A stripping hole, doesn't always have to have water in it.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 18, 2010
A milkman sized cum shot, at least one cup (236 ml) of nut bust.
Me: I shot a hefty load, all over a hooker that looked like Lady Gaga, but less gay looking. Here, I taped it on my new phone.

some chick: You're a fucking pig, but you're loaded. That means you can shoot your hefty load on my tits. After we hit Bloomingdale's, of course.

Me: Having money it awesome.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
The smell or lack thereof, of a freshly cleansed vagina and vulva.
me: Your cunty fresh aroma, makes my heart melt. Ummm.

she: Your weird, but my cunt has never been so fucking clean. Enjoy.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 18, 2010
1. Honest scientific study and debate of extraterrestrial visitation to earth. 2. Any of the UFO based religions (Raëlism, Scientology, Heaven's Gate, and a cluster fuck of others) that are growing. 3. A conspiracy of profiteers, that fabricate evidence of extraterrestrial visitation of earth.
1. Most of the science based ufology groups, are honest free thinkers.

2. You thought Jesus freaks were bad, look out for ufology churches.

3. Watch out for ufology hustlers, selling far eastern shit for a 1000% profit.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 17, 2010
1. Any art, clothing style, etc. influenced by sexualization of children. 2. Legitimization of pedophilia through art, clothing style, etc.
1. iCarly is so pedophile chic.

2. Roman Polanski is proof of Hollywood's pedophile chic mentality.
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 01, 2010

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