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Name for one who opposes notebooks or any such organizational technique in secondary schooling and in lieu of is always seen carrying a thin wooden board with a metal clip on it.
Clipboard has the same shorts as me.
by Luther2 December 10, 2006
Actually a common occurence for most men. When a sudden erection springs up in a public place and the boner's owner can do nothing but flip it up. "Clipboarded", if you will, against the body by the waistline of the pants.
"I was in Italian class and goddamn, that Signora Mazzoni, she made me pop a boner. It was so obtrusive, I had to clipboard it."
by Berry December 17, 2003
A derogatory name for someone in shopping locations that approach members of the public because they want them to sign up to something (which usually entails a monthly payment) or participate in a survey.
You can't ever walk through town without some clipboard trying to stop you
by Billy Casper November 06, 2014
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