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Caustic soda is the trade name of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), which is an agent used to clear drains of junk that has gotten there someway or other. It is allso a cheap source of hydrogen gas.

Put some in a bottle along with tin foil, add water and pull a balloon over the top. Watch as it inflates and there, you have a balloon o' hydrogen.

It can manipulate your voice in a similar way to helium, but it's cheaper, or when mixed with oxygen and lit it can manipulate other people's voices into sounding as though they're muted, along with sounds of any sort really.

Warning: Caustic soda is very caustic, as one might understand. Getting it in your eyes is actually worse than getting a strong acid there.
Allso, a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is quite volatile.

You didn't hear this from me.
After my girlfriend took a shower, the drain was clogged with hair. I can't believe she has that much, or had. It took all my caustic soda to get rid of, so now I can't preform as Mickey the Mouse for the children.
by Chemical Arvid March 29, 2008
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