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A formerly homosexual person (usually male; for females hasbian is preferred) who is currently in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
"Knut used to be dating Brad, but now he's dating liz."

"Sounds like another yestrosexual"
by cosmo August 09, 2004
The several minutes of incessant sniffing that a cocaine user experiences after insufflating a line. So-called because cocaine is seen in the public eye as a largely Colombian export, and because of sniffling's association with the flu.
Chris: You sure are sniffling a lot, man.
Kevin: Yeah. Bad case of Colombian Flu.
by Cosmo February 05, 2007
An extremely esoteric nickname for cocaine. In the original lyrics to the Cole Porter classic showtune "I Get a Kick Out of You", the second verse begins is "Some get a kick from cocaine". As the years passed, that was changed to "Some like the bop-type refrain" so kids could continue to put on "Anything Goes" as a high-school musical.

People aware of this, wanting to demonstrate their cultural refinement and speak about cocaine, all while avoiding eavesdroppers and self-incrimination, replace the technical name of their drug of choice with "Bop-type Refrain" (or simply "Bop-type", though the later option brings with it a tremendous risk of losing your audience.)
Chris: I'm sick of referring to cocaine as "yatch". It's gone too mainstream.
Kevin: How about "Bop-type Refrain"?
Chris: What the - oh, I get it. I didn't know you were a devotee of musical theater.
Kevin: Eh, I know the Sinatra version.
by Cosmo July 25, 2006
An alignment of the male genetalia such that the testicles are squeezed against the inside of the scotum, creating the veiny, lumpy appearance of an alien's brain.

May be performed with just the scrotum and testicles, or with the scrotum tucked over the penis and then pulled tight. Sometimes accompanied by shouts of "alien brains" or simply "blaaaah."

Generally used as a sign of disrespect or in an attempt to disgust (sim. moon). As with similar acts, the term "alien brains" can refer to both the act of presenting alien brains, or the rearranged genetalia themselves.
Knut was being a whiny little wuss, so I alien brainsed him.


Kristina looked sick, so I showed her some alien brains. She barfed everywhere.
by Cosmo March 22, 2004
(also "fjörk," with umlaut for comedic effect) an English euphemism for fuck. Used in front of parents, small children, people of the cloth and other situations where profanity is unacceptable. It's meaning is additionally mollified by its funny sound. Some claim it's Norweigian for "screw off" but this is not true. See also fuschk.
Gas is 3.49 a gallon? What the fjork?
by cosmo August 17, 2004
When playing a baseball-like sport, the act of taking a mighty chop at the ball, but making only slight contact, so the ball hits the ground and rolls only a few pathetic feet. Essentially, it has the effect of a bunt while still allowing the batter to look manly (if foolish) by making a full swing.

Man bunts that fail to either advance a runner or land the batter safely on base are not acutally man bunts, but just plain ole' screwing up.
(Chris takes a hard swing, but just nips the ball. It rolls gingerly down the 3rd base line, but remains fair as Chris sprints safely to first base).

First Baseman: that was total BS.
Chris: Pshaw! That was skill. Don't you know a good man bunt when you see one?
by Cosmo July 18, 2006
A run-together form of "and her body". Generally used immediately after butterface as a polite, face-saving and somewhat humorous way to say that a woman is not good looking, nor blessed with an aesthetically pleasing body.

It could conceivably be used to describe a similarly unattractive gentleman, thought to my knowledge, it has never been used in this fashion.
Spencer: Did you see that girl knut hooked up with last night?
Cosmo: Yeah, a real Butterface Anderbody.
Spencer: Good personality, though.
Cosmo: Oh, of course...
by Cosmo March 20, 2006

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