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(syn foo foo dust, fu fu dust, fu-fu dust])
A non-existant magical dust, used as a metaphor for whatever the hell it is that keeps desireable men in relationships with apprently undesirable women. Probably derived from foo foo or fu fu (the two are synonymous by synecdoche), though the nonsensical nature of the term probably implies that the term could have easily arisen "a tempore."
"Dude, Ben has been dating her for a long time but she is totally lame."

"Yeah, he's totally doped up on her foo-foo dust"
by cosmo July 20, 2004
To be named Sir Flip and not know how to spell. Stems from the Latin root of Pasco De Gama.
It's not refuring, it's reffering.
by Cosmo March 06, 2005
Using an online travel serivce to try and find the cheapest tickets for an upcoming trip. Truncated from "Orbitzing," after the popular travel service "Orbitz.com."
After 4 hours of 'bitzing, Jenna got transatlantic flight tickets for a mere 200 dollars.
by Cosmo July 05, 2005
a way for white folks to say the n-word without getting their eye-teeth slapped in. Comes from Dave Chappelle's skit "The Black White Supremacist," in which Clayton Biggsby's overdone backwoods Southern accent turns the short "i" sound to something more along the lines of an "ay" sound. variations include: Nayger, negar, nahger etc.
"I hate neagers!" - Clayton Biggsby, a fictional KKK member (played by Dave Chappelle) who was born blind and raised by white supremacists, thus hating black people without ever realising that he himself is one.
by cosmo January 20, 2005
The incessant sniffling that inevitably follows insufflating a line of cocaine. So called because cocaine is a stereotypically Colombian export, and sniffling is a symptom of flu.
Chris: Yo, Kev, man, why you keep sniffling like that?
Kevin: Just a bad case of Colombian Flu.
by Cosmo February 03, 2007
an acronym (pronounced as a single syllable) for "Gently Flicking the End of My Penis]". It can generally be exchanged in place of "joking" or "kidding" to impart a sense of incredulity.
Kevin: Dude, lemme buy you a beer?
Chris: Serious? You're not GFEMP, are you?
Kevin: Yeah, you got me...
by Cosmo July 26, 2006
One of many street names for cocaine. Derived from the the classic film Citizen Kane, the second word in the title being a homophone with caine, another common slang term for the drug.

Chris: Yo, call up the dealer and see if he can score us some Citizen.
Kevin: Jesus, Chris, that's an awfully sophisiticated reference, don't you think?
by Cosmo July 06, 2006
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