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A hot chick with a fine body. people cant resist the booty on a negar. negar also falls under the category for a fun friend. she calls herself a princes?? or most beautiful girl.. at the most part is true :P
I have a negar as a friend
by coreywadden December 19, 2004
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Other spelling for the term "nigger". Useful for swearing online without the word being blocked. This spelling emerged from the word "vinegar" were the "negar" is pronounced "nigger".
1337n008: 101rZ, I>J00!!111 I pwn j00 n*****!!!!111

Guy: STFU negar.
by 53Ph1R07h July 02, 2009
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An ugly ass girl with ancestors from outside of the United States.
Usually has a clitoris with hair growing out of it as well as hairy ass arms.
Beware, looking at a Negar will make you want to kill yourself immediately.
"Negar, you are ugly as tit."
"Damn Negar, you ugly as a fresh turd!"
"Nice tits, Negar; they're hairy as fuck!"
by Klitoris King! March 06, 2017
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