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A corn log.
Golden brown floater.
Taking the kids to the pool.
losing weight.
A Cpt. Brown Eye Wink.
long range torpedo.

Why's poop tapered at the end? So your ass hole doesn't slam shut.
by Cosmo April 10, 2003
The act of taking Monday off from work/class because you got crunk so hard over the weekend that you couldn't recover in time. The joke is that you're celebrating "St Monday's Day" and so you can't come to work.

The term actually dates back to pre-revolutionary America. Benjamin Franklin makes fun of his co-workers for taking a large number of "Saint Mondays" in "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin".
"This, and my being esteem'd a pretty good riggite, that is, a jocular verbal satirist, supported my consequence in the society. My constant attendance (I never making a St. Monday) recommended me to the master; and my uncommon quickness at composing occasioned my being put upon all work of dispatch, which was generally better paid. So I went on now very agreeably."

-The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
by Cosmo July 17, 2006
when a worker in a menial, white collar job simply skips a day (or several) without explanation to his boss or coworkers. Taken from the movie "Office Space", in which the main character does just that.

Also "pulling an Office Space", "taking an Office Space" "I Office Spaced todauy" etc.
Chris: Hey broseph, where were you at work yesterday?

Kevin: Eh, I was Office Spacing.

by cosmo November 03, 2006
An somewhat derogatory American term a French-speaking Canadian, generally a quebecois (person from Quebec). A pretty simple etymology, really; "snow", indicating the eastern Canada's cold, perciptation-heavy winters, and "frog", a derogatory term for a Frenchman. See also quebe.
Horace: That jerk with the Quebec plates cut me off, then swore at me in French!

Eustace: Damned snow frog!
by Cosmo May 26, 2006
A condition, similar to blueballs but applicable to women, in which the genital area is flooded with blood for so long without release that it becomes painful. Can be both a noun and a verb, and used literally or figureatively.
"I was totally going to do it with this guy last night, and we were all making out and what not, then he left, and now I've got a nasty case of bluebox."

"Considering the way the White house owns Congress right now, Harriet Miers is gonna feel totally blueboxed if she doesn't get confirmed."
by Cosmo October 04, 2005
A formerly homosexual person (usually male; for females hasbian is preferred) who is currently in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
"Knut used to be dating Brad, but now he's dating liz."

"Sounds like another yestrosexual"
by cosmo August 09, 2004
A man or woman who claims to be a virgin, on the grounds that they've never engaged in vaginal intercourse. This is in spite of having had a great number of what Kenneth Starr would consider "sexual partners".

As opposed to technical virgin, which carries no overt implication of promiscuity, association with Bill Clinton's reputedly expansive sexual conquests makes the Clintonian Virgin something of a slut or man-whore.
Chris: Hey, did you know that chick's never had sex before?

Kevin: Yeah, but she's been around. And around. And around.

Chris: Ah - a true Clintonian Virgin.
by Cosmo March 20, 2007
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