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Nickname of professional cyclist Mario Cipollini, one of the greatest sprinters in the history of cyclist, first and only man to win 4 consecutive Tour de France stages, has the all time record for stage wins in the Giro d'Italia, former World Champ, known as much for his magnetic personality and good looks as his riding ability.
...and Super Mario takes it in the finale again! Can anyone beat him?
by cosmo January 24, 2005
A verb, meaning to conceal a beer can (or similar sized container of alcoholic beverage inside of a glove, so that it may be consumed discreetly (relatively speaking) in a public environment.

Though similar acts were most likely present wherever the underaged had easy access to beer, the first cited example of "gloving" a beer occured when Christopher L. Dunn, of Williamstown, MA, slipped a Bud Light into Jahan Bruce's left Isotoner at the Thompson Rink, during a Mt. Greylock v. Pittsfield High hockey game in the winter of 2000.
"Hey, what's up with that kid back there? He looks like he's drinking out of a mitten."

"Yeah, that's just Dunn. He's glovin' it tonight."
by Cosmo June 22, 2004
condoms. a combination of "Jimmy hat" and "Toejam"
"Yo, man. Last night, Chris had to run out and find some jim-jams at 3am."

"Eh, dumbass should have planned ahead."
by Cosmo January 03, 2005
A adjective referring to people or objects originating in the mountainous South American nation of Colombia. The volcanic soil and humid weather makes for ideal coca plant growing conditions, and thus "Colombian" is generally used to describe good, high purity cocaine, regardless of it's point of origin.

Also, public opinion seems to hold that Colombian citizens and immigrants tend to have big, round heads, though like most stereotypes, this probably would not hold up under serious scentific study.
In the film Scarface (1983), the title actor's first dealing with cocaine occurs during a drug deal gone wrong. Needless to say, both the drug and the people who deal it are are columbian. The following is dialogue from that film:

Colombian: Yeah, okay, you gonna give me the cash or am I gonna kill your brother first? 'Fore I kill you?

Tony Montana: Try sticking your head up your ass. See if it fits. (an insult referencing the Columbian's big head).
by Cosmo July 11, 2006
When spooning, the partner on the inside. Generally the man, or taller partner. Used without an article. (ie, "I like being big spoon," not "I like being the big spoon")

see also ladle.
While cuddling, Jenna prefers to be big spoon.
by Cosmo July 13, 2005

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