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something bad and stupid and just a fun word to use it works
Holly: You are working tonight?
Amy: Yea...
Holly: Bunga!
by Hollllap June 20, 2003
A Bunga is a gentle word insult, used playfully to encourage sarcastic annoyance.
Person1: "Dude you're so annoying."
Person2: "I guess you could call me a Bunga."
by 2British4U January 18, 2015
Anal sex, derived from the Bunga Joke.
bunga bunga bunga bunga
and then they raped him up the ass.
by cosmo March 20, 2004
Dumb coconuts from the islands-e.g. samoa
Love to eat tinned corned beef and spam.

They look 20 when there 12, have killed rugby in new zealand because thats the only thing there good at.

also referred to as sooleys
look at those bungas, probably going to steal that car
by mikeboyle March 28, 2010
If you don't give me my money I'm gonna' shove my gun up to it's sight in your bunga.
by Doobad1 August 16, 2009
a fijian
look at that massive bunga
by darren June 04, 2004
A firecracker.
"Let's blow some shit up with these bunga's I got."
by Diego August 14, 2003
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