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Sepp, as in Septic Tank. Septic Tank is a cockney (East London) rhyming slang for Yank.
You dumb Sepp. = You dumb American.
by Commie April 06, 2004
Perfect existance, to drink on a boat while the sun is shining and all is good.
ok mate seeya later and Boatdrinks
by Commie March 27, 2003
Young girl possibly under 13.
Fred was caught fishing for sapplings at the playground.
by Commie March 27, 2003
Small wirey man, can often be seen riding a moped with loads of circuit boards hanging off the back.
Hi there its Andy Welburn
by Commie March 27, 2003
Creature of the night, Can be seen letching at girls when ever they are near to him.
Ganto was staring right at her breasts blatently.
by Commie March 27, 2003
American wind sack, worst tpe of Human on the planet, lives with head inserted completely up his own rectum, there all very stupid.
Some stupid yanky was mouthing off about how large his car was so we battered him.
by Commie March 27, 2003
Computer games store in UK staffed by raging queens.
Geoff at 101 has been shagging boys again behind the counter.
by Commie March 27, 2003
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