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In America black people are called niggers. In Denamark we call people from the middle east "perker". In danish turkey is called "Tyrkiet" and a person from Tyrkiet is called Tyrker, a Person from Persia (Iran) is called a Perser. The word Perker is a combination of perser and tyrker.... Per + Ker = perker, but now all people from the middle east are being called perker by racists
Simon: Abdul you perker !

Abdul: I'm going to kick your ass... Wallah !
by Rambovich August 31, 2008
PerKer is a pervert lurking in chat or IRC, in hope of some free, live cyber-sex. (Pervert + Lurker = PerKer)
"Hedgehog44 is a total PerKer, he totally "got off" while NaughtyAllison and HotVanessa "got it on" in the chatroom."
by Hedgehog44 July 10, 2008
young girls/women at the peak of physical maintenance ease
(from about 15~25) human chronological erosion and/or gravity hasn't set in yet, 'stealing' their easy ability to maintain a pert, perky body.
john and don saw a group of perkers and they got "moist"

judy was in her late twenties and spent lots of time exercising, she consequently looked better than those perkers!

putting on her "muumuu", jan remembered when she ran with perkers!
by michael foolsley January 09, 2010
one who puts on a front; fakes about something or simply lies.
Man that Mr.Greene a perker he told my momma I ain't turn my project in!
by futuristicbarbie March 06, 2010
You Know The Black People in America they are called Nigga..
And the Middle East People You KNow the Brown ones are Called Perker but only in Denmark i Think.:P
Yo Sup.. roll me a Dope or someN shit Perker..
by Makcane December 03, 2004
Like Black people is called nigga, we from the middle-east is called perkers .. its mostly used in denmark..
White boys to perkers: ey fucking perkers get the fuck outta our country..
Perkers to white boys: fuck Yall white muthafuckas.

{FIIIIGHT} {White boys Looose} ..
by AK-DA-PERKER June 22, 2007
Perker means fucked up arab, in danish. If you say it to an arab in Denmark, you´re fuckin´with all his cousins.
Jason said to Allen : "Look at those fucking Perkere", and they hear it, then you are screwed.
by Jonathan Gilling May 24, 2006

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