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Extremely large. Refers to an object too large to be classified by other seize-describing terms. The ultimate of said terms, unused in typical every day English language because of it's absolute, pure, and untold power.
Mason: Did you see that fugly cunt just walk by?
Alex: Yeah! Damn, that bitch was Ganto!
Mason:Holy shit, that word is awesome!
Alex: I know right! Too bad the editors at Urban Dictionary won't approve it. :'(
by fuckingyourselfslowly July 21, 2009
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(Scottish) Poor/Terrible/Crap/Shit/Shite
Did you see that movie "Bring it On 2"? It's pure gantos!
by Shaunybaby September 14, 2009
Ecuadorian butt fucker
gantos likes the anal
by anal69 August 30, 2008
1.a creepy guy who thinks he is a "pimp" or "a ladies man" but is far from it in reality.
Lee is a ganto. He is so scary and stalkerlike.
by Brisey October 08, 2006
Creature of the night, Can be seen letching at girls when ever they are near to him.
Ganto was staring right at her breasts blatently.
by Commie March 27, 2003

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