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To Be involved in the game of Basketball
I'm Going (to hoop) or (hoopin') today
by Colin June 18, 2006
Jebadiath is a word used with the St Mary Cray.
Jebadiath boi ark at him
by Colin December 23, 2003
See sasi backup for more information.
sasi backup for real examples.
by Colin March 26, 2005
an individual who wears a blazer jacket that does not match any other clothes that they are wearing.
The Tzar, The One, The J, The E, The Jamie
by Colin September 27, 2004
Slapping sombodys chest "che" with the back side of your hand.
Jermy che wasnt protecting his che so tim chopped it hard as fu
by Colin October 24, 2003
A defecation so glorious that its passing causes your life up to that point to flash before your eyes due to the sheer emotion provoked by the stool.
Friend A: "Do I hear Brad crying in the bathroom?"

Friend B: "He must have just passed a life-shit!"
by Colin January 05, 2009
Ringroad. A word synonymous with many things. Concrete. Congestion. Confusion. Coventry. Many wretched souls have been lost on Coventry's ringroad...

Ringroad are four alcohol-fuelled fops who are breaking down the barriers of popular culture with their avant-garde views and radical, brilliant and catchy ideas. Or at least they will do, once they escape the sticky paws of Coventry nightlife.
who are that great band ringroad?? they are simply amazing. visit their website at www.ringroad.tk!
by colin April 12, 2005
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