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102 definitions by Colin

Synonym for rules, though with a more rooling spirit. Best used in text messages.
d00d. that shit roolz.
by Colin January 06, 2005
9 2
leave me or whatever alone
dude, "get off it"
by Colin August 07, 2003
13 6
The whitest black man on earth.
Sederick, stop trying to rape me!
by Colin May 27, 2003
10 4
placing of the scrotum in one's lip as if it were a dip of copenhagen
Fred, if that bitch doesn't shut the fuck up, im gonna give her a dip of scrotumhagen!
by Colin April 11, 2005
6 1
Something or someone who everyone aspires too.
Man, i wish i was as cool as Karandras
by colin April 02, 2005
14 9
a hot chick who likes to suck big cock
anyguy, anytime, u got it!
by colin September 06, 2003
7 2
A bridge, usually between two eyebrows forming a unibrow.
Wow, Brian, that is a huge dilge!
by Colin March 21, 2006
7 3