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Synonym for rules, though with a more rooling spirit. Best used in text messages.
d00d. that shit roolz.
by Colin January 06, 2005
leave me or whatever alone
dude, "get off it"
by Colin August 07, 2003
placing of the scrotum in one's lip as if it were a dip of copenhagen
Fred, if that bitch doesn't shut the fuck up, im gonna give her a dip of scrotumhagen!
by Colin April 11, 2005
Something or someone who everyone aspires too.
Man, i wish i was as cool as Karandras
by colin April 02, 2005
A criminally retarded member of the Wrestling General Board at the IGN Boards.
Oh great...Another cobra271 thread. Marvelous.
by Colin March 23, 2004
a hot chick who likes to suck big cock
anyguy, anytime, u got it!
by colin September 06, 2003
The whitest black man on earth.
Sederick, stop trying to rape me!
by Colin May 27, 2003

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