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Modern equivalent of the Holy Grail: they may never be found, but they sure provide impetus for Christian westerners to crusade into the Middle East and kill brown people.
"Monty Python and the Weapons of Mass Destruction"
by Colin January 18, 2004
an expression used in times of frustration.
SHITTY BITCHES! i just dropped my placenta burger on the ground!
by Colin May 08, 2005
1. a freak who chats on zanet
2. term meaning genius
3. a name created by coke meaning "anything else"
1. hello webface
2. look, he's a fucking webface!
3. bleh, it's just a webface
by Colin April 11, 2004
A mythical warrior known to all the villagers because he runs real fast and saves the day. Friended to Colin, the beast-boy.
C. Jay saved the village people.
by Colin April 18, 2005
For those men endowed enough to this, it can be pretty impressive. Before jumping into the sack with your lover, you grab your raging manhood with both hands, one fist over the other and squeeze (or choke)your penis. This causes the head of the prick to swell up and turn a dark purple.
I decided to show off last night with this girl so I showed her the 2 hand choke hold.
by Colin October 09, 2004
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