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Ringroad. A word synonymous with many things. Concrete. Congestion. Confusion. Coventry. Many wretched souls have been lost on Coventry's ringroad...

Ringroad are four alcohol-fuelled fops who are breaking down the barriers of popular culture with their avant-garde views and radical, brilliant and catchy ideas. Or at least they will do, once they escape the sticky paws of Coventry nightlife.
who are that great band ringroad?? they are simply amazing. visit their website at www.ringroad.tk!
by colin April 12, 2005
The production name of an animator named Colin.
I just saw OATK by Chemical Productions. It was alright.
by Colin September 28, 2004
Cool, interesting, nice
Yo dose shoes are tight dawg
by Colin September 06, 2004
Told to someone being a moron on an IRC channel .. term meaing: join channel get the fuck out

Usually told to someone after they were told off. Or in a ban message after being ejected from a channel
ur a fucking lamer #gtfo newb
by Colin October 20, 2003
To make out
old word from m yarents generation
we had to watch the two lovers maul.
by Colin January 30, 2005
A horny retard. Used by the sickest urbs.
Damn! Look at that Goshmontay all up on that special-ed teach!
by Colin November 14, 2004
any type of liguir can be called hardbar
i had around 10 shots of hardbar lastnight
by colin November 21, 2003

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