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Someone who only has knowledge of their own religion (usually a form of Christianity) rather than the major ones: Islam, Jewism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Buddhism. Also: someone who has their eyes blinded to truth by religious ignorance (ie: dinosaurs could not have existed - they are not in the Bible)
Religious ignorance usually is concentrated in churches - how ironic.
by Colin October 10, 2003
A sled. Not a knit hat!
"Hey, get out your toboggan, not your hat, and let's go sled riding.
by Colin January 12, 2005
To drive through somones lawn, spining the tires in it and causing damage to the yard.
Steve gave Matt a great Yard Job last night after the game.
by Colin April 11, 2004
greatest movie of all time
''suddenly we were surounded by huge bats all swooping and sweeping and diving around the car''- rauol duke

fear and loathing in las vegas
by colin December 11, 2003
what you exclaim when receiving a blowjob and the girl is deepthroating your cock.(pronounced like YEAH without the Y)
Bobby was sucking my cock while i said Eahhh.
by colin April 10, 2005
A social media venture for fans of Nestle Quik
"I met this girl on Qwikster... bitch loves chocolate milk!"
by Colin September 19, 2011
A command commonly used on IRC, other chat proggies, or a lan based network.. usually displays a users IP address, idle time, ISP, and channel activity
/whois jon

Jon: Socal.rr.com
#care @#gtfo
by Colin October 20, 2003
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