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1. the face one makes when taking pictures to be posted on the web 2. the product of enhancing one's attractiveness for profiles pictures
Phil: How do I look in this photo?
Gen: Are you posting that on Facebook? You look like your making a webface.

Heather: I went on my date last night. He looked nothing like his webface.
by Lit Monster February 04, 2010
1. a freak who chats on zanet
2. term meaning genius
3. a name created by coke meaning "anything else"
1. hello webface
2. look, he's a fucking webface!
3. bleh, it's just a webface
by Colin April 11, 2004
Someone who chose the perfect image of someone else to post online and pretend they are that person.
"I met a really nice person on Facebook, turns out they were just a Webface."
by DarkHeir July 28, 2015
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