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to ejeculate/cum/sprog/spoof
i caught him jizzing in his pants over my picture
by Candy May 09, 2004
A response to someone saying they love you. but it is only used after a long puase and it is said as a question
I love you........I love...cake?
by Candy October 02, 2003
Someone who is attracted to adolescents.
A hebephile prefers to be with teenagers.
by Candy December 16, 2003
Slang term for a room in which homosexuals congregate to give each other oral sex.
Mr. Jones, Mr. Beaver, Mr. T and Mr. M plan on spending the night in the Bobroom.
by candy July 08, 2004
about to go do something, or making something
I'm fixin to goto the store. I'm fixin dinner.
by Candy November 23, 2002
Someone who thinks their emo but, in truth, is a complete wannabe emo poser. Always wears jeans and black shirts and listens to bands that aren't actually emo such as Green Day. Calls everybody else posers and tells people to "leave emo to the emo kids". Hangs out with people from other towns because no one in her own likes them and is only in 8th grade. Knows all the words to songs such as Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" and Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone".
That emo child was going on about how she was the only emo kid in the whole school when there really are none.
by Candy March 28, 2005
a horny freak. in other words, a pervert.
Usually used in reference to old men who prey upon little children. For example, Mr. Hill, formerly a principal at Gateway Academy, home of the Preaks
by candy November 01, 2004
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