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To get caught by the police.
While driving down the wrong way at TSU's homecoming, Torrian got flapped.
by Candy November 16, 2003
to back out, to wimp out, to pull out, to skank, to not do something for whatever reason
me: couldnt she be bothered to drive?
you: dont know, she just flapped it;

he was going to fight with next man down the pub, but flapped it and ran off;
by Majic Mayhem July 21, 2006
When you fail at something or something goes wrong, used mainly in the North West of England.

Can be exaggerated to flapped everywhere.
Example 1:

Dave: "Can I roll a joint?"

Tom: "Nah, you're just gonna flap it like last time"

Example 2:

Jay: "I was trying to get into that girl but her fella came over and I flapped it everywhere"
by FlappedJoint March 03, 2012
getting slapped in the face with a foot
My sunglasses got knocked off my face when she flapped me.
by flapped&wounded May 07, 2011
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