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German for what, pronounced "vas"
(20:37:57) (+DeinMutter) ICH WILL FICKEN
(20:38:01) (@Jerry) was
by BombBomb May 26, 2003
To fail at something in the worst and most embarassing possible fashion
"He chamfered that shot good and proper"
by BombBomb May 24, 2003
A suspicious or sigh-ing emoticon
(17:16:15) (@Hicks) bomb
(17:16:17) (@Hicks) you are a faggot
(17:16:21) (@BombBomb) ;|
by BombBomb May 25, 2003
The gentlemen at the rear end of a mantrain
Franco was the caboose on the mantrain of summer `98
by BombBomb August 31, 2003
The series of "horizontal" "Asian" style emoticons, usually associated with anime and keke
animu^_^;kekeke ;_; >_< ¬_¬ O_o O_~ /_\ z_F -_-
by BombBomb May 28, 2003
Shorted version of "your mother" (ur mom), generally used as a response to anything on the internet, usually by people of a somewhat simple nature.
(01:31:42) (+andy) yeah, KoRn kinda suck
(01:31:44) (duey) urmom
(01:31:58) (+andy) omg!
by BombBomb October 05, 2003
Short for simpleton

Commonly used among Australian IRC users.
(14:55:09) (+DooGseY--) you goddamn simp
by BombBomb November 23, 2003
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