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Used to describe a bag of marijuana that has less weed in it than you bought.
Guy #1: Checkout this fat quarter I got us fellas

Guy #2: Fat?? that looks like an eighth, you got shorted up your dealer and bitch to him..why did I give you my money?

Guy #3: yeah you got ripped off..u still gonna sell me a gram?
by 311smoke420 July 12, 2008
to actively take someone of their property. Some believe it is on purpose, some don't.

was shorted (in the past)
He shorted you $10 bucks. (just now)
by NotACoolName2 January 19, 2010
When a Man walks into a restroom to find that the only urinal available is the short one.
When out at the bar it comes time to take a piss. When you go to the can you find out everyone else had the same idea as you and the short urinal is the only available. You've been Shorted.
by cityofvoltz December 28, 2010
When your smoking a cigarette and the butt gets even with the
pointer and middle finger and you cant grasp the the end of it with your lips
by mr illusiv 4 July 02, 2009
Kiwi term for shitting yah pants after losing bodily functions from drinking.
Fuck whats that noise? steves just passed out in the corner I think hes shorted too... dirty bastard.
by Andre Owen October 02, 2005
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