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ghetto wink, for the flirtatious black man, cause eerybody knows a nigga dont smile
Sheeyt ho, you lookin' fine tonight ;|
by malcolmSex March 19, 2011
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A suspicious or sigh-ing emoticon
(17:16:15) (@Hicks) bomb
(17:16:17) (@Hicks) you are a faggot
(17:16:21) (@BombBomb) ;|
by BombBomb May 25, 2003
A straight faced or deadpan wink. Meant to let someone know that a statement was ridiculous or a lie, and you know it.
That zit on your face is so big they should call it Mount Zhitney. ;|
by MonkeysandPiratesboththrowpoop September 19, 2011

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