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Scotish male who has a fantasy about another man's genital parts.
Aye, he Chamfers Jenks
by Samwise May 23, 2003
A late 19th century Victorian game which used a traditional three legged milking stool. The stool would be turned upside down and the three contestants would have to see whom could sit on the upturned stool the best, the winner being the person who managed the most anal penetration. In the early years of this game the 'world' champion was a Scottish man called Chamfer, hence the title of the game.
He can do a 12 inch Chamfer
by Samwise May 25, 2003
Tesco worker with poor spelling and dodgy facial hair, usually Scottish
by ACE|FRAG January 07, 2003
neanderthal troglodyte of scottish-irish descent, usually possessing ginger hair and displaying homosexual tendencies
lol, are you chamfer?
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
Oddness itself
17:22:17 @Jenkski: i = ordered pizza
17:22:21 @Jenkski: hoorah for the intreenet
17:22:43 @Chamfer: you actualyy orderd a wifer on the net
17:22:49 @Chamfer: some thailand slut0r :P
by Jenkski January 08, 2003
To fail at something in the worst and most embarassing possible fashion
"He chamfered that shot good and proper"
by BombBomb May 24, 2003
A strange manifestation of oral love juice that tends to bubble slowly from the corner of the mouth.
He was talking a load of Chamfer.
by Samwise May 23, 2003
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