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39 definitions by Blenderhead91

n.) An astoundingly large penis capable of causing trauma if used for regular vaginal intercourse.
I gave Judy the Black and Decker Pussy Wrecker. She hasn't walked right for a week.
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
63 15
(n.) a towel (or other piece of material such as an article of clothing left in the bathroom by a roomie or sibling) purpose-dedicated to drying the area between one's genitals and rectum and the rectum itself (also the region between the scrotum and the thigh). The towel is grasped in one hand in front of the body, and one hand behind and pulled back and forth vigorously, as if flossing one's teeth, but on a larger and smellier scale.

(v.) to floss one's crotch, using a towel as described above. Telltale evidence is usually left on a towel used for crotch flossing: brown skid marks.
Doug used Jane's tanktop as crotch floss, since she insists upon leaving her clothing on the bathroom floor.
by Blenderhead91 April 08, 2009
66 21
To engage in anal intercourse; to insert one's penis into another's rectum.
I accidently walked in on Dad and Aunt Gloria. he had her bent over and was getting mud for the turtle. I may need to seek therapy.
by Blenderhead91 April 09, 2009
57 13
(n.) The presence of a third body in one's scrotum. Most likely cancer. Get yourself checked if you think you have a third testicle.
Douglas: "Neil, check this out! I have a third testicle."

Neil: "Doug, I hate to burst your bubble, man, but that looks like cancer."
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
53 10
(n.) a despicable person, especially one who is short and fat, much like a choad, a short, fat dick. Choadstoolism may be associated with short man's disease.
That anus up in human resources is a fucking choadstool: four-foot-nine, 200 pounds, and all of it complete, festering dick.
by Blenderhead91 April 08, 2009
53 14
(n.) Gastro-intestinal distress associated with consuming questionable foodstuffs typically available from (usually illegal) immigrant street vendors. Diahrrea (commonly of the explosive kind)and cramping are associated with this unfortunate malady.
Vince missed work after having a bad batch of Tandoori take-out.Sounds like a case of Dehli Belly. He's had the explosive shits all morning.
by Blenderhead91 March 26, 2009
57 18
n.) a douche

adj.) the condition of being a douche.
Karl is ninety-percent water, ten-percent vinegar. As a matter of fact, he is the biggest douche I know.
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
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