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A naturally gorgeous girl who is eathier very quiet and shy or incredibly wild and adventurous
"that Gloria must be on crack"
by summerbliss77 October 16, 2008
An amazingly happy, yet clumsy person, who is so nice and is always helpful to cheer up everyone else.
I need a Gloria. (in example of needing the happiness)
You pulled a Gloria. (in example of the clumsiness)
by summerbliss77 October 16, 2008
"Glory" as in Glory to God, Gloria's are kind, sensitive, although a bit too outspoken, they mean well and are often misunderstood. If you give a Gloria a chance you will find a loyal friend for life, as long as you don't abuse or misuse her.
Praise, Humble, Worship, Kindhearted, Loving, Heart of Gold, Friend of God, Gloria.
by Heart after God February 04, 2010
She could quite possibly be the definition of perfection. She's incredibly witty and such a charmer. You could get lost in her eyes for days and days if you weren't careful. She's the type of girl to light up the whole room when she walks in. she's mystical and satirical and radical and man oh man, she can be quite a smart-ass too. She's gorgeous - no wait, she's absolutely breathtaking, it's like staring at the sun for too long, because the present of her in your heart is so strong and bright and pure. and don't forget to mention that she has this sort of giggle, where she covers her mouth with one hand, and squints her eyes and does this little half smile, and it's so fucking adorable. She's so timid and self-conscious and wary and hurt, and no girl deserves to be like that, especially one as extraordinary as her. She's the time to use old fashioned terms of endearment with the ones she loves, and she loves very few. She adores the stranger side of music, and instead of it being considered weird, it's considered unique and wonderful and it makes everyone else feel bland in comparison. She loves to argue, absolutely loves it. Even though you know you love her with every single piece of your body, she'll still try to say her feelings are stronger, and the things she says will have you almost believing, almost.
Every time you talk to her or see her, you can't help but fall a little more in love with her, you just can't.
ted: "man, I think i'm in love with gloria."
phil: "ew dude why?"
bob: "shut the fuck up, you don't even know her phil, just what other fake people's opinions are on her. congratulations ted, she's rad."
by The Girl by City & Colour March 25, 2013
Amazing person at life!

plays guitar like a greek goddess,
has many talents
loves people named megan, tiffany, vanessa, marissa, glen, and nicholas.
has a lot of fun doing nothing,
walking around,
hanging with her friends,
and being herself.

hey have you seen that street preformer?
yeah! she plays almost as good as gloria!!
by gfamous December 23, 2008
The best girlfriend in the world. Someone who you can trust and someone you love. She might not say much but what little she says are the best words I can ever hear. <3
by alesif May 28, 2011
Female character from Green Day's ''21st century breakdown''. Main character. Holding the torch, and holding on to her beleifs.
Christian and Gloria are the couple from music video, ''21 Guns''.
by Apittman August 12, 2009
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