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Is a radio talk-show hosted by uber-fascist Michael Savage. Mr. Savage regularly goes on extended rants, extolling his extremely over-stated impact on American society, blaming a multitude of diseases on illegal immigrants, and charging liberals with the various ills that have befallen the United States. He regularly bad-mouths callers who are incouraged to call in and challenge his self-assumed "genius." Michael Savage claims to be "Right of Rush and to the Left of God." He whined incessantly over the course of several days programming about being banned from the U.K. by British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, a very astute measure on her part. Unfortunately this means that there is one less place in the world to deport this reprobate to, should the American Government ever develop the sense to do so.
People that listen to Savage Nation and actually buy into it make me embarassed to be an American.
by Blenderhead91 May 15, 2009
(n.) an unwashed, smelly ballsack. A person who suffers from is condition may be referred to as an "onion crotch."
Just let Buster get in there and give your nuts a sniff, Nate. He's a good dog, and he sure knows a crotch onion when he catches whiff of one!
by Blenderhead91 March 08, 2012
To masturbate. To stroke one's own penis. To jerk off.
After Sara turned out to be a bitch and he realized Heather was a gold-digging whore, Al stayed home, glumly fiddling the ferret to porn he found on imagefap.
by Blenderhead91 September 07, 2010
Having sex (regular or receiving oral) while passing a kidney stone in hopes that it will pass when you ejaculate.
Phil: How goes the renal calculi this morning, bro?

Doug: I may have passed that fucker. I was romancing the stone last night with that whore Nicole, and when I busted a nut, it was all bloody and gooey. Probably lodged like a stalagtite up there against her uterus.

Phil: I found my car keys up there once....
by blenderhead91 April 25, 2010

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