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(n.) diahrrea, often of the explosive and unpredictable sort.
What Donald thought was a fart had turned out to be a bout of spontaneous regularity.
by Blenderhead91 April 09, 2009
(n.) The act of discovering the presence of corn in one's bowel movement when you know it's been a long time since you have eaten any corn.
"Hey Liddy! Check out this floater I just pinched off! It's a corn surprise! When was it we last had corn?"
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
n.) A fully erect penis, usually one of staggering sive and girth.
Suzy gagged on Neil's yam hammer, despite being an accomplished cocksucker.
by Blenderhead91 April 03, 2009
(n.) Abbreviation for "Explosive Liquid Diarrhea," a very unpleasant gastro-intestinal condition, indeed.
"Mom, I gotta stay home from school today. I have E.L.D. and didn't quite make it to the can in time."
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
(n.) The external genitalia of a woman; the vulva.
"Look at the camel-toe of Glennis! I betcha her reversible yam is in need of a good noshing!"
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
To perform felatio. To suck a penis.
Francine knows her way around a dick. That chick can play swallow the swan with me any time.
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
to have one's nipple or nipples removed, either surgically or by other means.
Jennifer flipped out on me when I had a seizure and accidently clamped down on her right tit with my teeth. I really didn't mean to give her a nipplectomy.
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009

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