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transparent material often found in windows, refrigerated display cases for food and beverages, which, when it is used in a scene of a Steven Seagal movie, will cause a fight to occur and which will be shattered by human heads and bodies.
by Billy January 26, 2003
two guys who like to have a lot of sex and play detainee games
My friend and I played a wicked games of Iraqi detainee on the weekend.
by billy December 26, 2004
When a collection of toilet paper and shit build up on your arse hairs to form 'dingle berries'.
Sean likes eating dingle berries after a week without showering.
by billy February 14, 2004
An American badass
Someone who is better than you
There are many cadets, but only one stinger
by billy April 03, 2005
The natural result of governments and unions making it too expensive for a company to employ workers in it's country of origin.
We can no longer afford all the red tape and taxes the American government makes us deal with when we employ American workers, so we're outsourcing to India.
by Billy October 27, 2004
Someone requiring complete custodial care.
"You're such a knob!!"
by Billy February 04, 2005
another way of saying shut the fuck up you dumb cock licking stupid ass mother fucker..
or hey hows about you shut the fuck up
Hey how are you..Guy 1
by BIlly September 08, 2004

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