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Underground female hip hop artist, "Radioactive Republicans" single.
Underground female hip hop artist
by Billy April 12, 2005
(n.) the state of verginity;your virinity
Hey I lost my hampster at church the other day!
by BILLY March 29, 2005
A person who tries overly hard to be cool.
Only a douchbag would bye that t-shirt
by Billy April 17, 2005
what you say when someone tells you to do something but your too lazy to do it.
mother: billy! go take out the trash you stupid little cunt! i knew your father should have used a condom!
billy: in a minute....
by billy April 22, 2005
Deriving from Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi meaning Penis.
Aaja mereh kaol noo, thaa mehra lun choosee
by Billy January 31, 2005
Paper or papers that are used to roll marijuana cigarettes, or cigaweed.
Man, you got any pape's, momma' swiped all mine!
by Billy January 30, 2004
Slang used to describe a short girl that looks good
damn, shes tall (when really she's 5')
by billy December 03, 2004
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