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Tecmo Super Bowl, aka best football game ever
we're havin a tecmo party tonight!
by Aaron December 30, 2003
Bearing refrence to the period of adolescent age when nerds would get beat up by the bigger kid for their lunch money. Thus, lunch money as an adjective can be used to describe anything not worth your time, or done poorly.
Dude, that was a lunch money party last night.
by Aaron December 18, 2004
as quickly as possible
I need that chicken dish on the fly!
by aaron December 02, 2003
Homework (n.): Work that teachers make students do in order to keep their grade up while invading those student's lives but not keeping school separate, and therefore makes focusing harder for students in school.
Rob, may I cheat using your homework?
by Aaron July 05, 2003
noun. a person who hails from a street called University Avenue in seattle, washington. this person is usually homeless, and like to try and sell drugs to people as they walk by, and/or start fights when they are high on crack late at night.

background: they are named as such because the "ave" was a nice place several years ago. lately it has begun a decline in quality.
hey man i was walking back from the ave when some fucking ave rat started yelling at me.
by Aaron April 12, 2004
1. A bus which is, relative to what is considered a conventional bus, smaller.

2. Used disparaginly, a bus of the variety used to transport children that is commonly held to be for people of significantly lesser intelligence or those of the "special education" classification.
You won't understand this fundamental postulate of Quantum Mechanics if you continue riding the short bus.

by Aaron May 30, 2003
To waste time, mostly by doing insignificant tasks for self ammusement. Also could be thought of as a slang for masterbation.
Jon lolly gag's before work.
by aaron May 28, 2006

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