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Pretty sure this is what Canola oil is called in Europe. Just doesn't sound right in US.
Rape seed oil.
by Aaron April 23, 2004
To everyone with negative things to say about d-day: how about you show some fucking respect for the people who fought and died there. They are the reason you have many of the freedoms you enjoy, so shut the fuck up and show some appreciation.
Liberal assclowns have no reverence for those who have fought and died to maintain the blanket of freedom under which they sleep at night.
by Aaron December 08, 2003
The only thing between you and an endless shitload of porn
Your parents could you again man, you will loose your computer
by aaron April 19, 2005
A slang term for male ejaculate.
Hey Susie, that sandwich looks a little dry. Would you like me to put some man mayo on it?
by Aaron June 29, 2004
a hot rap group from the dirty south
awwnaww,po folks, po folks remix, and roun da globe
by aaron August 20, 2003
1.A portion of daily hours set aside to take a shit.

2.an insult
1.Bob: Alright boys i'm off for a shitbreak

2.Piss off shitbreak
by Aaron January 15, 2005
1.n. The area between the scrotum and the butt, also known as the perrenium.
2. v. To dry hump somebody from behind
3. n/adj. a Derrogative term for having a dirty perrenium
1.n.Dak fell on a pommel horse and bruised his skrut
2.v. Dak liked to skrut Ping on the leg.
3.n. Dak is a skrutty motherfucker.
by Aaron March 15, 2005

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