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to perform oral sex
Guy: Hey, wanna play war?
Girl: Hows that?
Guy: I'll lay down on the ground while you blow the hell outa me!
by aaron June 06, 2004
Aglet (n.) 1: The plastice coverings on the ends of shoelaces.

2: A severe exclamation of profanity.
My aglet hurts.

Ow, my aglet broke off!

Don't touch my aglet. Stop.

Ah, aglet! I stepped in some scooter poop!

My aglet! What did you do to my aglet!
by Aaron July 07, 2003
A Huge Fuckin' House
Thats one huge fuckin' house!
by Aaron January 24, 2003
Don't Ask Me How I know
by Aaron July 19, 2004
A mortal being subserviant to a vampire, effectively in their control by a type of attraction or affection felt on a primal level. Since they are being controlled subliminally, some often seem to have a personal reason for their service to their lords. Can be man or animal, regarding the fact that control over a higher evolved mind requires a more powerful aura. The most talented of vampires have even been known to control lost souls caught between life and death.
"Remember that my eye is ever watchful as the gleam behind the those of my faithful familiars."
by Aaron March 15, 2005
A combination of "Retro" and "Trendy." The persuit of trendyness through being old school.

The 70's and 80's styles are now back in-syle, so anyone caught wearing bell-bottoms or 3/4 sleeve shit is rendy.
That dude is all dressed up in 80's clothes! He's so rendy.

Old Navy television advertisng is very rendy.
by Aaron January 06, 2005
woman juice used to lube the cock for head
spit some saliva on my tool and get back to work
by Aaron December 08, 2003

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