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Human (n.): A race with the capabality of intelligence, which has more disadvantages than advantages. The ability to imagine makes the species greedy, and in turn kills itself off. The race lives on the planet Earth and will soon destroy itself and possibly the planet along with it.

When not loved enough, the human will act in evil ways only for the purpose of making oneself feeling superior.
I hate being human.

Being in the army is de-humanizing.
by Aaron July 05, 2003
To everyone with negative things to say about d-day: how about you show some fucking respect for the people who fought and died there. They are the reason you have many of the freedoms you enjoy, so shut the fuck up and show some appreciation.
Liberal assclowns have no reverence for those who have fought and died to maintain the blanket of freedom under which they sleep at night.
by Aaron December 08, 2003
A fight over who has a better imaginary friend
(The Christians and The Muslims meet on the playground one day)
Christians: "God is better than Allah, he has laser vision!"
Muslims: "Uh-uh Allah is better, he can fly!"
(they then procede to bomb the hell out of one another)
by Aaron June 21, 2004
the male cock n' sack.
johnny: "hey bro, totally tubular shades man."

jerry: "get off my dilznick."
by aaron August 18, 2004
When a male fucks the hell out of a girl usually resulting in her crying, bleeding, screaming, hurting etc. Then afterwards her being obsessed and calling you and your friends trying to get ahold of you all damn day. Knowing damn well all she wants is some dick.
Go tell your mom to call me tonight because I probably gave her a deep dickin.
by Aaron December 19, 2003
To have intercourse with in a tender, romantic matter, or an individual who one deems worthy of such treatment. Only used in discussions of whether individuals are hatefucks or not. Abbreviated "TLF".
Matt and his roommate had frequent debates over whether Jennifer Aniston was a HF (hatefuck) or TLF (Tender Lovin' Fuck), for while she represented the pinnacle of self-satisfied celebrity, she also maintained a convincing facade of genuine sweetness.
by Aaron January 26, 2004
woman juice used to lube the cock for head
spit some saliva on my tool and get back to work
by Aaron December 08, 2003

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