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Heath is a name for a guy with brown hair, pretty eyes, sometimes wears glasses, gorgeous smile and has a very nice penis with excellent sexual powers.
Oh wow, I never thought I'd see a dick as hot as Heath's.
by titsrnicer February 03, 2010
Heath is a name for a Cowboy, and a particularly handsome one at that; a redneck and proud to be one, especially driving through mud holes in his green Z (aka, "The Green Monster").
I miss my handsome Cowboy, I miss my Heath.
by HeathsSweetheart January 12, 2012
Proper noun refering to an oversized penis.
Omg! Your not putting that Heath inside me. What kind of a slut do you think I am?
by bigtitsallymcgee June 09, 2015
Heath is a shortened name for Heather. Only a girl who is liked by all the "bros" can be called Heath. This name gives anyone named Heather a more likeable attitude, vibe and charisma. The name makes the "Heather" more approachable. Since Heath is a man's name calling a woman "Heath" makes her seem fun and confident.
Michael: "Yo isn't that Heather?"

Katie: "No man, we call her Heath!"
by kellyarnoldmyers June 01, 2011
Heath is a man who is lazy. He always has sexual fantasies and he will never do his chores in time. He is a horny bastard who will do his sexual fantasies before actually working.
He is such a Heath.
by WelshBoyWilliams January 12, 2016
A type of Klondike Ice-cream bar. Or your best friend who is blonde and random and can make you laugh.
Your such a heath.
by Bina93 December 28, 2009
A name with a history of homosexuals in the family tree; being gay in general, see Joe Heath for more.
Wow, that Joe Heath kid is really gay!
by MrStealYourWanggggg January 24, 2014
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