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I think the most logical explanation for "Jewsus" is Jesus, as we know him today, before he went Christian. I mean, "Jew" for Jewish, and "Jesus" for "Sus". With me?
"I wonder what Jesus was called when he was still Jewish..."
"I know! Jewsus!!!"
"That's quite comical."
The Jewish equivalent of Jesus.
"Holy crap! Jesus is walking on water!"

"No, that's Jewsus. Moron."
by Kamikaze January 07, 2004
Racial slur to jesus and all judeo-christians and jews.
jewsus christ, the deceiver.
jewsus christ the eternal jew.
by G.Hrs. March 10, 2007
shlomo born-againsky. scientific name: jewis thinx-he goyis: a steryeotypica jew who "converts" to christianity and brings up jesus right when you think your talking to a jewish guy. normaly uses yidish frases while talking about jesus. makes proud jew want to your a jew get used to it hebrew pride!!
yo dude when shlomo said "jesus whas a real mench here i am going on shpeel like this oy-veismeir " it realy through me
And then God looked upon Jesus and said "Son, if thoust not cross upon this river great, ye be judged eternaly"
And so Jesus, after taking a running start, charged at the river in an atempt to walk across. And so Jesus died that day, and his body was never recovered. But God got over it when he met Mosses. Mosses merely split the river and walked across the dry bottom...
God addopted Mosses as his son and from then on his name was Jewsus.
Beum That Jewsus is wicked awesome!
Also brought about Christmakah
by AL January 21, 2004
The opposite to Jesus. Although a much more recent and hip version. He is the King of the Christians.
And thus, the Virgin Molly gave birth to a son, and he was to be called Jewsus
by Skipppppppyy December 18, 2007
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