39 definitions by 5'1"Racer

1. Failing, applied to a grade or score
A 32 percent is a falexic grade
by 5'1"Racer September 17, 2004
1. when you become nauseated on a van, you become vansick.
It's like carsick, but in a van.
I got so vansick yesterday when driving a van.
by 5'1"Racer November 10, 2005
1.Nausea caused by being on a bus.
When riding the bus to school, I became bussick.
by 5'1"Racer November 10, 2005
someone who is inexperienced at something.
He's a beginner at that game; he can't pass Level 1.
by 5'1"Racer June 22, 2005
1. extremely difficult or challenging
The AP calc test today was really diff.
by 5'1"Racer February 12, 2005
having a low score, relating to a low score, or always getting a low score.
His math tests are kediscorial: all F's.
by 5'1"Racer November 11, 2005
To fall down the stairs, or cause to fall down the stairs.
I tripped over a roller skate and discalerated.
by 5'1"Racer March 06, 2004

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