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1. A diatomic chemical element, number 17, which is a yellow-green gas and can form many compounds such as sodium choride.
2. The mixture of chlorine with various other chemicals that is added to pools.
I need to add some chlorine to my pool.
by 5'1"Racer June 22, 2005
The breakfast of champions!!
Non-swimmer: "Eww, John, you smell like chlorine!"

Swimmer: "No, I got up at four in the morning today to swim because swimming is manly and I'm too manly-assed and sexy to take a shower once in a while."
by slow_swimmer_chick August 29, 2008
The cologne of summer
*Sniff* Hey dude, it's May 1st and I smelled some chlorine by my pool this morning, summer is near baby!
by WCvolvo April 25, 2010
Added to pools to kill harmful bacteria as well as hair. Leaves a characteristic smell that lingers no matter how much shampoo or deodorant you use. Prolonged exposure can dye your hair a dead-looking blonde (or dark brown if your hair is black).
Damn, your hair looks great and you smell good. JK LOL, you swam with chlorine this morning and even though you took a shower you look like you didn't.
by kdog502 January 18, 2012

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