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Any real canuck knows this means "Liquor Control Board"
"I wanna get some booze for tonight. Lets head down to the LC"
by Sparticus November 17, 2004
Liquor Store
Canadian origin - especially Ontario and Nova Scotia where government run liquor retailers are called the L.C.B.O (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and N.S.L.C (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) respectively.
Let's hit the LC - we can pick up a Scarborough Suitcase on the way to the Bush Party

Found in the Sloan song Underwhelmed -
She is obviously a person with a cause
I told her that I don't smoke or drink
She told me to loosen up on her way to the L.C.
by Andre Molnar April 28, 2004
liquid courage;

An initialism often used as a noun to describe someone who needs liquid courage to have any wheels, or to make move on any girl.
"He's obviously into Rebecca, we need to help his wheels, so let's order some shots for LC."

"Of course your date went sour, you should have ordered some wine, you're such an LC."

"Louis has some pretty awesome stories about having sex with girls but he's shit at talking to girls in real life, we all know he's a classic case of LC."
by balbir December 06, 2011
Last Comment. Used on chat for websites....
Person 1: hey i g2g!
Person 2: kk bye!
Person 1: k bye! lc
by LOLSPAZZ1 March 18, 2010
Stands for Lunch Crew, every office has one and it usually includes the coolest of the cool within the whole office. Membership is exclusive and new members are rarely accepted. Usually known for talking about outrageous things and there quest for booze on their lunch hour
I wish I ate lunch with the LC, they're so cool
by Toastandbananaz182 July 16, 2015
lower case. used in on message boards that prohibit "yelling" or typing in all CAPS
by Toe Knee November 29, 2004
LC originates from a suburb in Western Australia, Beechboro in which it is composed of two (2) words being

L = Lost
C = Cunt

when these two words are put together you form the powerfull word of LC. . .
examples when to use this word

when a person is in total confussion about himself and life in general you would state . . "what an LC"

when some one does something that is of the possesed type for example mumble words that make no sense

you would in a kind gesture mention "LC"

when a person is in a trance you would use a higher pitch of voice and directly say "LC" to the face of that person/animal/object

when some one make a small error that cant be justified you must at all times say "LC" because this is the seal of authenticity that this person clearly does not know what they are doing

"your missing crab sticks"

"no i put them in. . . oh no i didnt i didnt see that order"
this is the perfect and prime opportunity for a group to directly mention "LC"
by SNAPPERS CREW May 29, 2011
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