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2 definitions by Willow


Dunch refers to a meal enjoyed subsequent to lunch but prior to dinner.

Dunch should be distinguished from linner, another meal occurring in the post-lunch, pre-dinner interval, in that dunch occurs after linner, closer to dinner time.

Thus, the socially accepted norm with regard to afternoon eating agendas comprises the following progression of meals:

Lunch --> Linner --> Dunch --> Dinner
His large stature requires that he eat lunch, dunch, and dinner!
by Willow October 12, 2007
A euphemism meaning either

1. to beat the meat (masturbate).
2. to give a blowjob.

The origin of the phrase lies in the Ancient Egyptian practice of snake charming, in which a performer would apparently hypnotize a snake by playing a musical instrument.

Alternatively put, the art of aural stimulation has been historically used to charm the cobra.
1. Instead of going out tonight, I think I will head home, have some wine, and charm the cobra.
2. Jan doesn't like to slay, but she sure knows how to charm the cobra.
by Willow April 01, 2008