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Postal Abbreviation for the State of Minnesota in The United States.
21046 County Road 13,
Minneapolis, MN, 58696
United States
by Echoside September 11, 2004
an abbreviation for My Nigger
two people talking: yo WHAT UP MNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
everyone else: Whose MN???
by Gee Le Douche May 14, 2006
The abbreviation for Mother Nature. She is known to provide bros like Malibu with cosmic rays.
I like to go out in the woods, soak up some cosmic rays and get in touch with MN.
by vasst July 10, 2011
the art of making love to a beautiful gurl.
I had a romantic dinner with g, followed by a night of the best mn.
by simply m February 28, 2007
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